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“The Asir Municipality” adopts a digital platform to monitor the cleaning work with high efficiency.

Abha, August 24, 2021 AD: “Asir Municipality” signed a project implementation agreement with “machinestalk”, the leading Saudi company in the field of Internet of Things and its applications, Under which, it will develop a smart digital platform for managing municipal operations, as part of the “Asir Municipality” strategy for digital transformation, which aims to provide the best services and improve the quality of life for the region’s residents and visitors by raising operational efficiency and organizing the municipal operations provided.

The Asir Municipality’s smart city platform project is characterized by the development of a digital platform, which will initially provide a supported electronic mechanism to enable the control of the waste collection and environmental operations management using the latest technologies. Through the platform, waste collection operations can be managed in a smart manner that contributes to improving the environment and reduces waste operational costs. As well as equipping a control room with high accuracy and standards to display operational processes, monitor communications at the headquarters of the secretariat, and use artificial intelligence to develop and improve operational plans. By adopting IoT technologies, Asir Municipality aims to improve the experience of residents and visitors to the region in general and to develop its operational processes to become more flexible.

The agreement also included the implementation of Internet of Things solutions in the landfill in the Abu Hashbel Valley in the region to ensure public safety and ensure that waste is dealt with high standards to ensure the preservation of the environment, the completion of collection operations to the landfill and the provisions of electronic control over it.

Dr. Walid Al-Hamidi, Mayor of Asir Region, explained, “This agreement is established to enhance the Municipality’s plan for effective digital transformation, which gives better and smarter municipal services and also achieves operational efficiency that enables us to provide municipal services of a high level in the interest of Asir residents and visitors, relying on the optimal use of what It was reached by modern technologies, the use of artificial intelligence and data analysis, to make the best decisions and raise operational efficiency.

For his part, Eng. Mohammed Sayyaf AlKhushail, Chairman of machinestalk, added: “Internet of things technologies are an essential component of digital transformation in the private and public sectors that enable us to develop and follow up on businesses and provide reliable data in the decision-making process, in addition to enhancing security and improving the environment and other things.” Solutions that are in everyone’s interest. We at Machinestock are pleased to sign this agreement and to adopt the Asir Municipality for Internet of Things technologies, and we are blessed for this joint cooperation in developing our cities to become smarter and moving towards a promising future for the coming generations.”

“Asir Municipality” intends to activate smart management to effectively manage and control environmental operations, with high efficiency for operational work and reduce the time required for response. This comes as part of the Asir Municipality’s strategy to provide innovative solutions that are in the interest of the region and contribute to ensuring and raising the quality of life indicators.