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Fluid Level Monitoring allows you to take control of your Movable / storage tank levels and give you peace of mind knowing it is being monitored efficiently. Level (in liters) in the tank are clearly displayed along with its location in the main dashboard of the Platform for the user to view at their convenience.
The designed solution is all in trailer completely self-powered solution which means there is absolutely no electrical connection with the truck by anyhow.

Gas level monitoring can lower costs by delivering essential information required for optimizing and improving Supply Chain logistics, providing best solutions for remote tank monitoring and management.
Liquid Gas Monitoring Platform allows you to remotely monitor pressure, and level of liquid gas tanks you supply , via differential pressure transmitters. It takes the burden out of managing the tank by giving you access to your readings from anywhere using a simple, powerful web-based interface, and from any internet connected device. No more emergency calls for gas supplies. If there’s a disruption, you’ll be the first to know.

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