Virtual Network OperatorAgreement between stc and Machinestalk (IOT VNO) Agreement

Virtual Network OperatorAgreement between stc and Machinestalk (IOT VNO) Agreement

Riyadh, 13.04.2021

Saudi Telecom Company and Machinestalk signed a joint cooperation agreement in the field of deploying special Internet of things services Internet of Things (IoT) services and accelerating the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) service solutions by using the infrastructure of the Saudi Telecom network in the field of mobile communications to enable and deploy Machinestalk IoT solutions for smart cities, smart buildings and transportation Smart and smart industries, which will enhance the digital transformation journey and adopt the digital economy within the framework of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.
Machinestalk and stc will work together to integrate their capabilities together to provide Internet of Things (IoT VNO) services with the latest and best available options, which will result in the smooth and easy deployment of IoT products and services across the Kingdom.

Engineer / Mohamed Al-Abadi, Vice President of the Carriers and Operators Sector at stc, stated that this agreement is the cornerstone of the relationship between the two companies, which will enable them to develop services for all sectors concerned with these services and enjoy the capabilities of the two companies. Especially the infrastructure of the Saudi Telecom Company, and the largest advanced 5G network in the Middle East. Engineer Al-Abadi explained that the Saudi Telecom Company will enable Machinestalk to offer a package of services and smart options that can be used in a number of applications such as smart homes, smart meters, connected cars, fleet management (vehicles or robots) and many applications.

In the same context, Eng. Nawaf Al-Shaalani, CEO of Machinestalk said that cooperation with the telecommunications company will greatly contribute to pushing and accelerating the deployment of emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things to provide innovative and smart solutions. To reach digital transformation, whether in our cities by applying solutions to raise sustainability and improve the quality of life, or for our buildings that we always go to and how we understand them, or for example the transportation sector, in which we have seen a remarkable development upon the introduction of Internet of things technologies and the spread of their applications. ”

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