Weight Monitoring

| Axle load Sensor

Fleet manger can monitor carried cargo weight of vehicles equipped with axle load sensors though FMS and can visualize it


| Sensor Types

⦁ Leaf Spring Suspension
⦁ Air Suspension

| Load Cells

Load cell is ideal for industrial weighing applications and suitable for measuring either gross vehicle weight or the net weight of cargo being loaded or delivered.


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Fleet management service can be applied in any method of transportation exists in the highly modern scalable world of today.

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An integrated solution for end-to-end real-time Temperature & Humidity management to ensure cargo stays within the acceptable and safe range for delivering properly cooled food and pharmaceutical items to the destination.


One click to book a car, and start a trip, that helps you to drive whenever needed, within the Org’s business rules which make the car-sharing astonishing service through mobile app experience.

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On Vehicle Live monitoring

Security solution deserve to be custom built in term of durability convenience & user interface. When a task force is being assigned to operational areas they have to rely on a system which live streams events & take a quick action on what the user observe in the field.

Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment Solution provides a quality-driven service experience enabling field services units to access location data, operational status as well as analytic, predictive maintenance and diagnostic tools for every asset in their remote job sites all in a single view.

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Use Human Monitoring to ensures people have freedom and flexibility within the predefined facility or area, receive alerts as soon as an individual has left their designated “safe zone” and know when they left and which way they are going for.


Gas Level Monitoring

Smart Bus


Gas Level Monitoring

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